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At Spades, it was an absolute priority to provide the safest possible solution for our customers and restaurant staff members post-pandemic.

Our contactless payment solution makes it real simple by eliminating needless interactions and enriching the experience.

Spades is a web-based payment solution for restaurants and customers to elevate their dine-in experience. View bill, split, tip, and pay. All from your smartphone.

Spades is web-based. No app downloads! Just Scan, Split, Tip, Pay and you’re done!

Not at all, just sit back and enjoy!

On your “Pay bill” page you can choose to “Split the bill”. Enter your name and the amount you’d like to pay from the total, and you’ve split the bill.

Note* You can see who in your party has also split the bill, along with the remaining amount to be paid.

It’s meant to be simple! You have a choice of preset tip options, as well as an option to customize as you wish.

When you pay with spades, you receive the receipt in your email.

At any point in time, you can sign-up and login into your account at and see all your past receipts right then and there.

We believe you should have all the power!

And now you get to see all your receipts in one place.

Just register with your email ID and Boom!

You will receive an OTP to verify your email.

You can update your name, email address and phone number anytime.

We got you covered! Contact the restaurant staff and they will be able to request a refund from their portal.