With Spades increase your tips!

June 4th, 2022

With Spades – how do you increase your check size?

Here at Spades, our goal has always been to simplify the dine-in experience from start to finish.

When guests scan our QR codes or tap the NFC at their tables they get everything they need in seconds — including the option to tip the staff for their service.
Although Dubai is not a tipper’s paradise, our all-in-one payment solution is changing the game. We believe in incentivizing and empowering restaurant staff, because better service means, happy diners, and happy diners mean more of everything – including tips for the staff! Don’t forget – it’s all about elevating your guest experience!

Spades and tipping

Theoretically, guests are more likely to tip when the dine-in experience has been to their liking. These tips more often than not, are a representation of the quality of service provided by restaurants and their staff –- but, who’s to say we can differentiate between one factor and another?

According to a Mckinsey report titled The future of payments in the Middle East, there are multiple factors driving this trend, including industry pressures, disruptive forces, changing payment patterns, and more opportunities for banks and fintech companies as the market expands.

Spades is a part of this future and our payments solution is already making waves with our restaurants. Since launching, staff has noticed an increase in tips by 3x more just by using our method!
This is what we’re talking about when it comes to Spades changing the game!

Benefits of tipping staff

Tips are a great way to keep your staff motivated and hungry for more. At the end of the day, you’ll find your employees with higher satisfaction and an increased drive for improving their skills as well as the guest’s experience.

With Spades, you’re giving more time to your staff to do more of what makes them superstars. They don’t have to keep running around, closing out bills, printing receipts, and calculating splits, because our all-in-one payment solution makes things effortless for everyone. The focus becomes entirely on the guest experience so they can actually create connections.

So when guests head to pay they are prompted with an option to tip 5%, 10%, or enter a custom amount of their liking.

By suggesting this option to tip before check out –- guests were more inclined to include it in their total bill. Thus, an influx of tips came flooding in.

Make it easy with one tap and tip!

Tipping is easier now than it has ever been because everything is accessible right in the palm of the guests’ hands.

They no longer have to pull out cash or count change or guess how much to tip. With Spades, everything is included right on the digital bill.

By scanning the QR and tapping the NFC, payment is straightforward and easy. No longer do we have to wait for the check, split the bill, or even get their credit card out. This solution is for everyone, the restaurants, the guests, and the staff.