With Spades how do you increase your check size?

June 4th, 2022

With Spades – how do you increase your check size?

In restaurants, every table counts, but in some cases, there are tables that really stand out. It’s not because they’re loud, indecisive, or even because they’re difficult…

What sets these types of tables apart from others, is the size of their orders: drinks, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, an after-meal coffee, and maybe an extra order to take home for a late-night snack.

Suffice to say, this table’s bill is by far, way higher than the rest. It’s amazing and every restaurant can appreciate more of this kind of business each day.

Here are 5 ways to increase your average check size

At Spades, we help restaurants become bigger, better, faster, and stronger with our web-based solution. Our methods have helped restaurants boost their average check size and here’s why:

1. Guest experience is key

At the forefront of every great restaurant is a great dine-in experience. If you want to boost your guest satisfaction and guest retention rates, you need to hone in on what your guests ultimately need.

This is nothing new for restaurants and hospitality, but it’s getting back to the basics that will prove to be the most impactful in contributing to bettering the guest experience.

Restaurant goers expect to be treated well. This means a nice atmosphere, food cooked to perfection, and a friendly attentive staff. The more they feel at home, the more dishes guests will find on their tables.

2. Know your diners

What exactly do your guests need? Without knowing what they’re thinking, restaurants miss out on opportunities for growth. By understanding your guest’s expectations you can adapt and stimulate their senses to order more.

With Spades, restaurants free up staff to connect and do the work that is most important. By being more present mentally and physically, staff will naturally have more time and space to understand the wants and needs of each table.

Your guests are there to eat food and be merry, but with increased genuine interactions from the staff, you distill a loyalty that is unparalleled.

3. Switch your menu up

Everybody loves finding exactly what they want when they want it. When adapting your menu to fit guest desires you make it more accessible for an upsell or cross-sell.

Switching up menus isn’t bad, it gives restaurants the opportunity to organize their menus and draw the right attention to promotions, best-selling dishes, and everybody’s favorite – Happy Hour!

Upload multiple menus with Spades, but keep it simple and give guests the opportunity to try a little bit of everything.

4. Educate your staff

When going to a restaurant one of the last things guests will remember is how good the food was and how the staff made them feel.

Restaurant staff needs to know their stuff and they need to be as straightforward as possible. With an organized menu and a knowledgeable staff, restaurants have the power to suggest more mouthwatering options.

By using Spades, the staff is able to free up more time to be more present with a multitude of different guests – while running the front of the house as smoothly as possible.

5. Make it easy for guests

Save more time and reduce stress. Spades are here to streamline the experience not only for restaurants but most importantly for guests. By adopting the latest and greatest tech, you’re making everyone’s life easier.

Simplifying the process and giving guests the power right in the palm of their hands, is a win. Scan the QR or tap the NFC, split the bill with however many at the table, the staff receives more tips, and guests pay when they want, how they want!

By making it easier for staff, you’re cutting out the tedious and time-consuming parts in between. No more running back and forth closing out bills at the POS system. There’s just more time to elevate the guest experience!

You can increase the number of items on guests’ bills by digitizing the restaurant experience.