3 tips to elevate your guest experience

June 4th, 2022

3 tips to elevate your guest experience

1. Your website should speak for itself!

Your website is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. It serves a viable purpose and should be organized in such a way that helps your restaurant be seen accordingly. When guests come to your website you have the power to draw them in. You have the power to make them show up and sit down to order.

Surprisingly, this is a direct representation of your restaurant so why not show it off a bit! With a contemporary website and an enticing online menu, you’re destined to invite more guests – just by the sheer look of things. Don’t hide away – stand out and make yourself known. It’s all part of the dining experience!

Here are some things to keep in mind about your website…

  • Keep it clean, simple, and elegant.

Cut out the clutter and get straight to the point. It’s all about the essentials. Convey opening hours, your address, reservations online, your online menu, and your phone number. Anyway for them to find you and get in contact is vital, especially when guests take a glimpse at your site.

Direct guests by giving them simple and easy headings so they find exactly what they’re looking for in no time. A helpful additive would be to include a map so you can be found a whole lot easier.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to make your presence online known, so set the right tone and you’ll be mightly surprised by the results.

  • Let’s get visual.

Give your potential guests something to feast their eyes on before they fill their bellies. Stunning visuals are all the rage and a perfect opportunity to give a taste of all your tasty dishes as well as your restaurant’s ambiance. Get

  • Integrate your menu into your website

Restaurants that invest in a tasteful and appetizing online menu have the power. You need to stand out and separate yourself from all the other businesses vying for your guest’s attention. So who’s got it better than you?

Keep it professional and avoid using messy or disorganized online menus. Avoid amateur pictures and PDFs, for it will diminish the quality of what your dishes actually look like in person.

  • Online reservations? Oh yes!

Online reservations are simple to provide but go a long way for guests making plans to visit your restaurant. With a few clicks on their computer or a few easy taps on their smartphone, they’re ready to go with little to no effort.

By integrating your own online reservation system you avoid having to pay premiums for pricier reservation platforms.

2. Make contact and make your presence known!

Communicate with guests and make it effortless to find you online. It’s all about visibility and it can be a win-win for both parties.

Getting out there may seem hard at first but doing so will be most fruitful for your business. Expanding your reach is the key to success for any company, not just restaurants, so treat it as such and get out there!

  • Be tactful and engaged

By adding your social media icons to your website you create easy access for guests to be directed to your social platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google reviews, and even LinkedIn are all practical ways of engaging and getting feedback from guests.

It might be subtle but these are all great ways of reaching out and connecting. It’s most certainly an art, but the more you invest in it the better the outcomes. Build a following and take it post by post, or comment by comment.

Does your restaurant have events coming up or special food and drink promotions? Use social media to your advantage and get the word out there. Stirring up some buzz only helps your online presence. Again, it’s all about enticing guests before they even get to your restaurant!

  • What in the SEO?!

Rank your website higher in Google by using search engine optimization.

With clear words and phrases related to your restaurant and cuisine, you can maximize your viewing potential online. By purchasing your restaurant’s web domain you can draw easy traffic inexpensively just by including optimized content.

It’s not just visuals, SEO is all about having relatable content. As long as it is easily readable and you’re using the right keywords you can connect more audiences to your website as well as other social media platforms.

3. Spades it and simplify the dine-in experience

With Spades, our web-based payment solution seamlessly integrates with your restaurant’s POS system. Guests can scan a QR code or tap the NFC to view the menu, split, tip, and pay all from their smartphones.

It’s easy, simple, and effortless from start to finish.

  • Guests never wait – Reduce the 15 mins your staff spends on collecting the payment to a 10-second seamless interaction.
  • Focus on guest experience – Your team has more time to deliver exceptional service, especially during peak hours.
  • Staff make more tips – Your servers will be delighted when they start to receive up to 2x more tips.
  • Integrated with your POS – You can remove calculators, pens, papers, and the headaches of splitting and reconciling the bill manually.

For restaurants to use our web-based application there are:

  • No set-up costs and no commitments
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Competitive transaction fees
  • Instant access to daily reports & dashboards

Here at Spades, it is our mission to simplify the dine-in experience from guests to restaurants everywhere. The world is digitizing every day and we plan to be at the forefront of it all!