QR codes are the answer and here are 5 reasons why!

June 4th, 2022

QR codes are the answer & here are 5 reasons why!

Although they’ve been around since 1994, QR codes or ‘ quick response ’ codes have rapidly become the norm. These square barcode-looking things store digital data that can be accessed right from your personal device. QR codes are smart, handy, and pack a big punch. Even before the pandemonium of Covid-19 restaurants were adopting these codes at their tables to showcase their menus and increase the ease of use for their guests.

In this digital age, you want to use technology to your advantage. Don’t work harder, work smarter; so why not jump on board? The ease of use and dine-in experience is going a step further with QR codes and we’ll tell you exactly why this is the case.

Here are 5 reasons why restaurants should be using QR codes!

1. It’s simple, reliable, and easy to use.

You’re able to scan the QR code with most smartphones (Android or iOS) just by opening your camera. It will detect the code almost immediately and bring you to the menu or landing page of the restaurant. For some, it will be a PDF menu or it will bring you to a web-based application.

There’s absolutely no app to download and there are no fees to use it (especially if you do it with Spades). It’s safe, secure, and fast. There’s no wasting time, there’s no browsing, it’s paperless, and you’re giving the guests exactly what they want (insert your restaurant’s most delectable dishes!).

Speed up your ordering process with just a scan. The tech is so good that you’ll rarely find issues using these QR codes. Most of all it’s intuitive and if guests haven’t heard of QR codes it’s easy to explain in 10 seconds or less. Scan and go!

2. They’re inexpensive and cutting down on printing costs

Digital menus are useful in the sense that you don’t have to print them and they can be reproduced at any point. With Spades, you have the ability to upload any of your restaurant’s menus at any time. Need to make quick changes or offer special menus without printing? You can do exactly just that while saving money and saving a whole bunch of trees!

You can place your QR codes in a multitude of places so your guests never miss the opportunity to scan the menu. The name of the game is accessibility and you can be sure that your guests will thank you for it each time they visit!

3. It’s Increasing order averages and upselling

Since launching Spades we’ve noticed an increase in items ordered by guests. The comfort and accessibility of having the menu right at their fingertips provide the opportunity to browse at their leisure.

Conclusively, by ordering from a digital menu guests don’t feel under pressure to decide quickly and are more inclined to add additional dishes just because they can!

4. A better guest experience

QR codes make it easier by freeing up the staff’s time to focus more on what they do best. Creating an experience their guests won’t soon forget! By eliminating the fussy process of running back and forth, and the risk of missing something a guest ordered; staff are less likely to create errors and have miscommunications.

Do the staff and guests a favor, use Spades and save everybody heaps of time, so they can do more of what they love!

5. Pay the bill faster than ever before!

Here at Spades, our goal is to achieve a frictionless experience for both guests and restaurants, so saving time and money is as easy as scanning the QR, splitting the bill, tipping the staff, & paying!

No more waiting for bills, no more stress or wasting time, it’s all about getting straight to the point. Guests are able to scan and pay when they want and leave when they want, right from their smartphones without any back and forth.

Big parties that need to split the bill…it’s not a problem! Split the bill twenty-five ways and guests won’t pay more than they ate! A major plus for the restaurants and staff is there are more tips! The game has changed, the experience has elevated and guests are enjoying their time way more. Just alone at one of the partner restaurants we’ve seen a 1000% increase in tips for the staff!

Looking to Spades it? Give us a try!